Digital Freeview TV Aerial Installations

Digital Freeview is the standard transmission throughout the UK and provides you with access to numerous TV and radio channels. To receive this service you will require a digital Freeview aerial. Dawson Aerial Service have been installing aerials since 1957 and have a vast amount of knowledge and experience so you can be sure that all the equipment is installed to the highest standard with optimum reception.


  • Bespoke aerial installations
  • Discrete cable fitting
  • Multi-room points
  • Extra points


TV Aerial Fault Finding Service

Poor picture quality, our experienced engineers can investigate what's causing the problem and will be able to advise on the best course of action.

FM and DAB Radio Aerial Installations

FM (Frequency Modulation) DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast)

Aerial installation for your Hi-Fi tuners, will enhance your quality of reception.


  • Installation of FM and DAB aerials for Hi-Fi equipment.
  • Multi point locations around the house.

Communal Systems (TV, FM, DAB)

Dawson Aerial Service provide IRS, communal aerial system.


IRS (Integrated Reception System) as referred to in our industry,  is ideal for developers, managing agents and businesses who wish to provide full viewing service e.g. Freeview, FM and DAB. The benefits of IRS is that you are providing one aerial to feed the premises.


Dawson Aerial Service provide a full maintenance programme on communal commercial buildings.


  • Distribution of TV, FM, DAB distributed from 2 flats up to 200 flats.
  • Freeview distributions systems
  • IRS systems installation
  • Master Antenna TV Installations (MATV or SMATV)


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